Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New additions!!

I have a few magazines/idea books you might be interested in...They are $5 each plus shipping...I paid at least $10-15 for each of them - they are in exc/good condition...

Creative Craft Bags - 47 projects - 25 pages:

Creatable Cards and Tage by Ivy Cottage - 130 pages - 250+ ideas:

Very cool English papercrafting magazine - 99 pages - back issue - different ideas than you would find in US magazines...

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Corrientes Games said...

Hi! my name is Maria Emilia. I'm from Corrientes, Argentina.
I really like your blog and what do you do for example the gift set! I think it's very beautiful. (sorry, but my english isn't good)
I like the cards too and the tulip frame.
The magazines are very interesting i would like to buy some one of them.
well, my e-mail is: mara_18_10@hotmail.com